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Lorimer Reversible Windows

It’s the simple things in life that make all the difference, which is why our fully reversible window reverses outwards, effortlessly moving 180 degrees outwith the room so you don’t have to remove blinds or knick-knacks from your sill for the window to open.

As well as our handy anti-slam hinges, meaning the window stays fixed in an open position, the reversible window also has a cleverly built-in restrictor so it can be safely secured in multiple positions.

It’s due to these features that many of our customers find it is best suited to upstairs windows, or kitchen and bathroom windows so it does not get in the way of any high standing taps when opened. Whether it’s to let steam escape quickly from cooking the family meal or having a relaxing bubble bath at the end of a hectic day, it’s quick and easy access enables fresh air envelope the room quickly. Let us help you transform your home in three simple steps using our bespoke design consultation.

Window Colours

With three different window colours to choose from, the choice truly is yours so you can pick something that will best suit your home. Whether it’s white, rosewood woodgrain or American light oak woodgrain uPVC, any of our superb colour finishes will make your windows stand out from the crowd.

Internally you can then choose to have the same woodgrain look or go with a contrasting bright white inside.

Internal timber sill and surrounds

With four beautiful hardwood American timbers to choose from, each window will become a feature in your home. The range includes Natural Ash, Royal Oak, American Cherry and Far Eastern hardwood.
But we don’t just stop there. The surrounds will then be waxed or varnished by our decorator. Alternatively you can opt for a stained or white paint finish as well.

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