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One of our expert team will talk through the many style and design choices available for your new windows.

With 40 years' of experience they can offer you expert advice and recommendations. After a friendly visit they'll produce a personalised design for you to review.

What style of window?

The slim contoured frame of the CR Smith Lorimer window allows the warmth of natural light to flood in, but consideration also must be given to its form and function. We will style it to achieve symmetry of sightlines and a balance to your homes look from the outside in, and to enhance your view from the inside out.

What colour?

The window is a natural focal point to every room and the internal frame colour must integrate into the room colour tones. The external window frame colour should sympathetically complement the facade of your home, provide a balance to your homes look from the outside in, and enhance your view from the inside out.

What interior design style?

New Lorimer window will not only style your home from the outside, but with a choice of interior timber finishing from the honeyed warming tones of Royal Oak to the sleek minimalist feel of Natural Ash and more, your choice will set the scene for the interior design and feel in every room.

Your Personalised Design

On completion of our design consultation you'll receive a personalised design. It will include the styles and choices discussed, as well as our recommendations on the best windows or doors for your home.

Fall in love with your home all over again...